September 12th

(Note: This blog is not based on me; it’s based on every person whom I’ve ever encountered facing the intolerance they shouldn’t be facing)


9:11 gif.gif

As I sat on my bed, I could see my whole life collapse with the Twin Towers on my television screen. I am a Muslim and I live in America and I knew that after the 11th of September 2001 everything would be a downward spiral. At 9 in the morning on that day, as the United Airlines Flight 175 hit massive human architecture, our religion was generalised and categorized as the worst forms of human race. My body seemed to have a “WARNING: Stay away. He blasts.” sign attached to it. My body ached

Then, September 12th came and everything was very hazy. I couldn’t remember ever being so scared of my own thoughts before. My mind had declared a state of Emergency and my body was panicking. In my mind I had already been killed a dozen times, my house had been burnt enough times to grow as bright as the sun and my freedom was crushed under a UK size 12 boot. The night of 12th September was also a very ordinary night. The world was very still but my body reeked of a smell called terrorism, which for some reason I had acquired. I wanted to scream, but I knew my voice would be compressed, suppressed, repressed and ultimately I won’t be able to express my distress because of all of your protests that have in my mind left people with no respect for me. My body ached.

Let me clarify, nothing has happened yet, some candles have been lit to pray for those who suffered, but I was untouched. To the world I as a person was still an unknown. It’s crazy what fear could do to a person. If this blog was on a piece of paper, then it would have already been burned and humiliated. My body ached.

10th September marked the end of me, 11th September marked the beginning of a new era, 12th September marked everything wrong with this era. It’s been more than a decade now, but September 12th still hasn’t gotten the importance it deserved. The whole world focused on the tragedy and on the rage, but no one focused on people like us.

Everything seems so violent from that time. Everything seems to be like CAPS LOCK written text. Loud. So loud. My body aches.


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