*Before I begin, just know that what follows is highly irrelevant and gory. If you don’t like violence and gore, kindly get in touch with reality and try to book an appointment. It’s about time you realize this world is painted red*

Have you ever tried to open up your heart? It’s disgusting. Actually, it’s mostly blood but it’s really sticky and doesn’t smell that good. Don’t try to do it on your own, you don’t have the heart for it. That’s why I had some professional killers do it for me. The whole process of my dissection was still quite painful to be honest. The worst part was when they opened my head up. When the covering was removed, I could see all my thoughts evaporate, as if they were waiting to leave. I became a thoughtless oddity. I couldn’t think. Can you imagine that? Close your eyes for 10 seconds or 10 years (I don’t care) and try to not think. You can’t fucking do that. Thinking about not thinking will give you a headache (no pun intended).

But back to the dissection. They started to take out my brain and they realized there wasn’t much of it to take out. Anyway, once they put the brain on a plate and ate some of it, they started to squeeze information out of the remaining portion. What they found was that I had no data of my own, that I wasn’t original. I only had what was fed to me. Your nonsense was my reality. Thank you, guys. Thank you for giving my mass some shape and my brain junk food. Kindly take it back, I have no use for me now.

After my brain, they went all the way down to this organ called Time. Oh wait, Time doesn’t exist. I’m sorry, I’m still trying to find my thoughts back. After a short existential crisis, they moved to my kidney. They ripped it right out of my body, breaking everything in the way. It turned out my kidney was the cleanest organ out of all the other organs (Kidney’s carry waste and urea and waste and wa- I’m kind of just repeating myself right now. I’m sorry my nervous system is shutting down, it’s no big deal, chill.)

This world polluted my system way too much. But this pollution didn’t affect my kidney for some reason that no scientist can explain and they shouldn’t try to because I will throw them in a washing machine and wear them too my next party. It is as it is because it is convenient for the story to move forward. But there really isn’t much to move forward too. Because like, they basically killed me and I don’t really exist and this blog doesn’t exist and you’re really just an alien who got a little too high.



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