The great self-tragedy

What is your identity?

Suffer, all he does is suffer. All his life he’s been dissatisfied. He’s never happy. He’s always frustrated and sour. His tongue is bitter. His words are cruel, his face is distorted and his mind does not exist.

He’s the product of his society, a society which ruined him and made him what he didn’t want to be. Wait a minute. I’m so sorry. This is not another write-up about how ‘society’ destroys people and their goals because after a while it’s just repetitive. Repetition sucks. You suck. But let’s not talk about you for once, you narcissistic entity, let’s talk about him. He who fell and died. He who spoke too much and cried too loud. Not because of society, but because of him

What is this ‘society’ if not our reflection? Or is it the other way round? He tried to find himself in this society and when he couldn’t he blamed them for everything wrong in his shattered life. His life is a fatuous joke. He’s a hypocrite. He preaches loudly that society is pushing him down, but when he goes against society and messes up, well, then he runs back to it for help. Society didn’t do anything to him. He killed himself. He was the clumsy one.

Don’t understand what I’m saying? Pay attention then. You are the society. Not your surroundings, but you. You are what is wrong in your life, but you’re just an ignorant fuck. You choose to fill your life with so much complication that when the shit hits the fan, the speed of the fan just increases and you panic. A state of emergency. Your world collapses but what you don’t realize is that you built this world. You are the God.

You’re a science fail but you’re still an architect. You put society in the limelight when things didn’t go the way you intended or when you want to cry about every small and inconsequential situation in your life. That’s what’s wrong with you. If your culture and values are present, then understand them and then interpret them. Don’t just blame them.

Now, what’s wrong with him? Who is he? Is he you? No, that’s too easy.

Maybe he doesn’t exist. How can there be someone that isn’t an item of a socio-cultural dilemma, but is in fact just a self-made error. His society did nothing wrong yet he chooses to blame them and point his middle finger at them with disgust drooling out of his mouth.

Higgledy-piggledy? I just searched that word on the internet and maybe you don’t know what it means. But, that’s your fault, not a fault of your society. Get it?

Not everything is ‘society’s mistake’. You’re not perfect.

I don’t mean to sadden you, only explain to you why what you think may be wrong.  Maybe think about what society means to you and then try to fight it.


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