Lost and found


I lost something. Something important. I feel so crestfallen. Somewhere in my life I lost it and I need you to help me find it. Look in your drawer, in your cupboard, under your bed or in your heart. Please find it. I beg you. I’m sorry I have to ask this of you. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I don’t want to force you, even though I can. I have so much information on you. Yes, I know that’s creepy. But I’m desperate. You know that thing you never wanted your lover to know, uhm, I know it. That lie you’re always telling, I know the truth. I know you inside out.

Basically, I’m you. Wow, that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to be. Sorry, I or rather you didn’t mean to hurt you. You’re just like that, you can’t help yourself.

Anyway, Back to the main topic. You lost something. You need to find it. Reach down yourself as much as you can. Find it. If you can’t, then don’t forgive yourself. Don’t stop till you find it. First, try to think about what you lost. Is it a person? Yes? Do you miss that person? Well, GET THAT PERSON BACK. Don’t wait, you don’t have that time. Time is money and you’re broke as hell. Did you lose yourself? What made you lose yourself? Think about it. Rethink every decision in your life. Do this for yourself. You need to. It’ll be hard but it is the best thing that will ever happen to you or rather the second best. Puppies are the best thing that can happen to you. Trust yourself. Be your own God. You need to help yourself, though. you’re nothing without yourself.

Maybe make changes in your life? Bring new people, catch up with old ones. It doesn’t have to be a person. You would know what you lost. Think hard. You’ve most definitely lost something. Also, remember, I have so much shit on you, so if you don’t find it, I’m coming for you and trust me, you’ll regret not doing anything.

You’ve read shit like this before right? The enlightening kind? Well, maybe listen to that shit for once. Find what you really want in your life and I mean really want. Do you want to share it with someone? Maybe not now, but later. You owe yourself this much. Please, try to be happier, rather than reading this blog. I mean thank you for reading this blog. While you’re at it, drop a like and comment maybe. It’s kind of lonely up in here. Kind of like a lonely star. (Also, I like your name).

Anyway, you lost something. Something important and it’s about goddamn time you find it.


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