Of Google, society and more

My internet speed is slow. It’s because of this reason that I could never find a friend like Google. Google is that brainy kid in class who always answers every question and helps you cheat in exams and when you talk to him properly, you realise that he’s also a very deep person. But everyone has a dark side and so does Google. So you start to fear Google a little. Your parents tell you to stay away from google or you’ll become like google. You confront Google and suddenly, Google stops helping you and instead serves you with a load of bullshit and your friendship starts to fade. But you don’t hate Google. Then you suddenly have an epiphany and say “Google sucks.” and you try to move forward and forget about Google. But now everyone loves Google. He’s the most popular kid in class and you can’t deal with that. You try to find companionship in someone else but Google is everything and everyone listens to google. You can’t do anything. Google makes you think of insanity. There will always be a pit in your heart that only Google could fill and you desire Google because you never really hated Google. You’re tired now. You’ve had enough but no one can ever fill that pit of yours that Google left. Suddenly, your internet speed has become very slow and you start to see the real world. A world without Google and it isn’t that bad. It’s like 1970’s. Everything is so much more simpler. You miss Google sometimes but you can now live with it. You’ve found Utopia. The only thing that Google is now, is a metaphor. Google is everything wrong with the world and sometimes having a slow internet connection is not that bad. 

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