God and love

love 2

The meaning of God changes for a person within his life time. In their youth people generally have a very complex definition of God or sometimes are confused within themselves about His existence. Being myself, I can unerringly only describe my definition of Him. For me, God is an energy. So is love. Only we can channelize this energy to the best of our abilities. It is this energy that flows through our body.

God may as well exist as matter far beyond science, but my imagination limits me to Outer space, not much further, and only as deep as my inner self. God may not be God. It’s only our perception of Him that defines His reality. His meaning doesn’t have to be singular.  He can be multiple things. God can be the light at the end of the path or the light that illuminates the path. Our God doesn’t necessarily have to exist in us, but that’s all very subjective.

About love, Paulo Coelho had once rightly said “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning”. Love is what gives us pleasure, joy and something to look forward to in this otherwise monotonous macrocosmic Earth.

Relating love and God is very complex and sometimes is used generally to rationalise God, so lets not form a connection.

I myself can’t puzzle out these concepts and can only barely grasp these divine concepts.

 If we find solace in God, keep it. If we want to love, love and don’t restrict it to another person. Find your meaning of love. Fill that nothingness in your soul. Love is everything (figuratively) and the definition of its concept is yours to create and mold.


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